Lagertha Appreciation Week - Day 7

Lagertha Fashion Fest, Part 1

Top 20 Arrow Ships (as voted by my followers)
09. Sara and Felicity
“I’ve always wanted to say I’ve taken a bullet for someone and now I can.”

What more can I add? The only reason people continue to bring her up right now is so that they can excuse what the NFL and it’s players have done.




[never checks solodolo’s tag again]

Deportivo vs Real Madrid (September 20, 2014) | Chicharito 88’

Deportivo 2 - 8 Real Madrid

Deportivo 2 - 8 Real Madrid

Deportivo vs Real Madrid (September 20, 2014) | James 36’


"Women shouldn’t be paid the same as men."

"Women’s sports doesn’t matter."

"She shouldn’t have been dressed like that."

"There can’t be a woman president, what would happen when she gets a period?!"

"A man shouldn’t put his hand on a woman, but—"

"There is no double standard, it’s just a…

Where are all these male activists when women are fighting for equal pay, for the right to play on GRASS instead of TURF etc? Nowhere because they’d rather show up to defend violent males.


why celsius/centigrade is better than fahrenehenheit

  • easier to spell
  • all water below 0 is ice. easy and logical
  • all water above 100 is steam. easy and logical
  • if it’s 1 degree outside one day and 10 degrees the next you can literally say it’s 10x warmer and you aren’t even exaggerating

why farhenininheniehenhet is better than centigrate/celsius

  • it isn’t